Passport Scanner & E-Registration

SAMSOTECH is a leading global developer & supplier of Passport, VISA & ID card imaging, reading & processing systems and several innovative hospitality solutions for hotels. SAMSOTECH systems are customized for countries world-wide to match local regulatory requirements and are available with easy PMS-interface & Web-Interface. SAMSOTECH range of devices includes ultra-fast compact readers, E-Passport readers, Flat Bed & Portable Scanners, iPad, Android & Windows tablet solutions. SAMSOTECH have installed 8,100+ systems world-wide and references include several leading international and local hotel chains, government organizations, security organizations, banking and finance institutions, immigration and border control.

Product Ranges:

  • SAMSOTECH Passport / ID Card Reading

    is an ideal solution for reading of all International Passports, machine readable VISAs & Identity cards, with features to reads all Passports, ID cards & Driver Licenses, Automated update of guest Passport / ID details on to the PMS guest profile, Automated update of guest Passport / ID details on to the PMS guest profile, Auto detection, Auto Rotation, Auto Cropping & Auto Resize of IDs (≤ 50KB), Enhanced accuracy, increased staff productivity & save costs, and Enables faster check-in.

  • SAMSOTECH Digital eREG

    is an easy to use Electronic RegCard, Digital Folio & Signage system. It is ideally suited for the hospitality industry and helps users in reducing operational costs associated with printing and photocopying of the RegCards and Folios by going digital, thereby improving organizational efficiency and a commitment towards becoming an eco-friendly organization by going green. Samsotech eREG consists of an iPad, a digital pen and a web based application for document archival. The system also supports doing in-room or lounge check-ins as well as emailing signed folios to the guest email address provided.